St. Luke's Diaper Bank
a ministering agency of St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

About Us

The St. Luke's Diaper Bank works to provide an adequate and reliable supply of diapers to babies, toddlers and their families in the City of Kalamazoo. It is modeled after successful diaper banks around the country, providing diapers to organizations that are already helping families in need through comprehensive programs and services. Diaper banks using this model ensure that diapers are distributed to the families that need them the most and in the most effective way.


The mission of the St. Luke’s Diaper Bank is to supply diapers to partner agencies that serve families in the City of Kalamazoo who are living under the pressures of economic inequity. The St. Luke’s Diaper Bank, with a commitment to cultural competence, works to eradicate diaper need in Kalamazoo through education, capacity-building, and in-kind donations of diapers and diapering supplies.  

Board of Directors

Meredith Bradford, Chair

Laura Mercadal, Vice Chair

Allie VanHeest, Secretary

Jax Lee Gardner, Treasurer

Mandy Botsko-Wilson

William James

Linda Snyder

We are a proud member of the National Diaper Bank Network