St. Luke's Diaper Bank
a ministering agency of St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Get Involved

The St. Luke's Diaper Bank will collect disposable diapers and distribute them to partner agencies with existing procedures to get diapers into the hands of families with need.

We are currently accepting donations of all sizes of disposable diapers, as well as diaper wipes and creams. Monetary donations are also welcome, and allow us to purchase the most in demand diaper sizes. You can make a financial donations online by designated the donation for the St. Luke's Diaper Bank: St. Luke's Kalamazoo Online Donations

Donations can be dropped off at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church from 9am-4pm Monday through Thursday at 247 W. Lovell St in downtown Kalamazoo. You can arrange for pickup of donations by contacting  Donations can also be purchased from our Amazon wishlist and shipped automatically to St. Luke's for the diaper bank: Amazon Wishlist. Or you can "Give a Pack" through JetCares:

The St. Luke's Diaper Bank is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit and all donations are tax exempt.

Why not cloth diapers?

While cloth diapers may save money in the long term, they require an initial investment of money and time that many low-income families cannot afford.  To use cloth diapers a family must either hire a diaper service at a monthly charge or have reliable access to laundry facilities, and most laundromats prohibit the washing of cloth diapers in their machines. The majority of daycare centers do not accept cloth diapers, so working parents have no choice but to use disposable diapers. We might revisit this decision in the future, but for now we are only accepting disposable diapers.

Crybaby Concerts

The St. Luke's Diaper Bank is thrilled to partner with Fontana Chamber Arts to collect diapers during their Crybaby Concert Series. Crybaby Concerts are "free 45-minute mini-concerts that give children under the age of five and their parents, grandparents and siblings a performance of beautiful music in an open and flexible environment – even if your little ones feel like crying!" 

The St. Luke's Diaper Bank will be on hand during these concerts to discuss diaper need in Kalamazoo and accept diaper donations. For a list of concert dates and more information, visit Fontana Chamber Arts.