St. Luke’s Diaper Bank supports families in Kalamazoo by providing a consistent and reliable supply of diapers and wipes.

Stable access to diapers has a profound and positive effect on the well-being of families and infants.

Consistent access to diapers:

  • Protects the health of an infants and toddlers

  • Reduces financial and emotional stress on caregivers
  • Grants children and infants access to child care programs, most of which require a supply of diapers
  • Positively impacts the caregiver-child bond, a critical aspect of early child development

At St. Luke’s Diaper Bank, we see access to diapers as a public health and social justice issue. Families who are experiencing need are struggling under the pressures of economic and racial inequities, with diaper need as a consequence of inequitable access to resources and opportunities.  We distribute diapers to ensure that every child and caregiver has access to the diapers they need to be healthy and well. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, nationality, income, or religion.

We are here to help the families in our community who experience diaper need. 

We Cannot Do This Without You.

diapers distributed in 2021

packages of diapers distributed in 2021

diapers distributed in 2022 so far

packages of diapers distributed in 2022 so far

La necesidad de pañales es la falta de un suministro suficiente de pañales para mantenerse limpio, seco y saludable.

Diaper Need Exists in Our Community

Approximately one-third of families with young children in Kalamazoo, many of which include employed adults, struggle to afford basic household necessities, such as diapers and wipes for their children. Disposable diapers for one child cost $80-100 a month.

Federal Assistance Programs Leave Gaps

Diapers are not a covered expense by any assistance programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the poorest 20% of U.S. families spent 14% of total household income on diapers. For caregivers in need, having access to a consistently available source of diapers and diapering supplies is critically important. A stable supply of diapers reduces risk of health issues for children and reduces parental stress. 

At SLDB, we believe that every family deserves access to the diapers they need to best care for their child.